Yeah, that’s it… it’s for my health.

I am officially addicted to crochet.  So naturally when I received this email today with links to a blog that justifies my addiction with several health benefits I was intrigued.

This article says that my crochet addiction could be responsible for aiding in rebuilding my brain after a stroke.  Yes it does refer to knitting but I think the same logic applies regardless of the number of needles you are holding.

This one says crochet can be used to teach math so see it is homeschool research when I’m scouring the net for another pattern like a starving man looking for food.

When I started crocheting again I told several of my friends that crochet was like a nicotine fix.  (I don’t smoke but I imagined it was like that)  This article seems to support my hypothesis.

The last article is called “Yarndorphins”.  This signals that crochet is right up there with exercise as a stress reliever.  I know this is true for me.

So in conclusion I don’t have a problem.  I can stop anytime I want. I’m doing this for my health.

One response to “Yeah, that’s it… it’s for my health.

  1. Preach it, Sista!! =)

    I’ll have to share these sites with my crochet guild so that we can use them with people who think what we are doing is just plain wasteful.🙄 What do they know anyway? Science is obviously on our side.

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